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Bots set to multi-task in SA's insurance sector

Robotic process automation will make waves in the insurance market, offering cost savings, efficiencies and improved risk management.

Jun 12, 2018

Chatbots part of the conversation in insurance industry

Traditional insurers are now exploring the potential of bots to offer customers a better user experience.


Cloud offers a silver lining to the insurance industry

Insurers who choose to adopt a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model will reap the benefits of this investment very quickly... it ensures a much lower cost per policy in the short to medium term by negating the need "to throw tin and processing power" at the problem.


The importance of embracing mobile for insurance

Insurers who use mobile technologies to create a more integrated omni-channel environment will be better positioned to benefit from the growth of mobile, says Silverbridge.


Insurers, tech firms tackle new tech risks

The World Economic Forum calls on industry and governments to develop industry standards in a bid to curb risks from new technology.


Insurers focus on BI, private cloud

The study found that insurers are increasingly leveraging BI tools to target customer retention

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