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Authorities will eventually formalise crypto-currencies

As financial authorities and governments around the world start to see the inevitability of crypto-currency, could SA still become a hub of crypto-currency innovation?


Want to extend your lifespan? Pin your hopes on tech

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robots, big data and quantum computing are playing a tremendous role in humankind’s ongoing search for longevity.


Over-regulation is killing mobile money in SA

While SA has largely embraced technology innovations, the country has yet to conquer the mobile money conundrum, as it’s caught in the grip of excessive legislation.

Jul 16, 2021

South Africa urged to tap into big data to prevent future unrest

By making use of big data analytics, government would have been better prepared to deal with the acts of violence that gripped the country, say academics.


Are the luddites back? Both humans and tech will prevail

We won’t be able to stop advanced technologies being pervasive and automating jobs, so workers must remain ahead of the workplace game so that machines do not lead them.

Jan 16, 2018

Dagada comes out with guns blazing over suspension

The suspended MMC for finance alleges his removal from office is a "dirty political war" and wants to clear his name.

Jan 15, 2018

Rabelani Dagada removed as Joburg MMC of finance

The councillor has been suspended, pending an inquiry by the DA's Federal Legal Commission into alleged activities of undue influence and nepotism.


Under-fire Dagada lays out Joburg's WiFi plans

After reports claim he faces imminent dismissal, MMC Rabelani Dagada fights back and redirects attention to the city's WiFi and billing progress.

Oct 20, 2017

Dagada named in 'jobs for pals' scandal

Prominent ICT figure Rabelani Dagada allegedly enriched his friend by facilitating access to the City of Johannesburg's lucrative tenders.

Aug 11, 2017

Joburg to kick-off billing open days

The city dedicates billing days to remedy lingering issues caused by its chaotic billing system.


Dagada to oversee Joburg's IT operations

Rabelani Dagada adds group IT to his portfolio, silencing reports that he would be ousted over the city's billing crisis.


Joburg suspends official over tech billing glitch

The employee now has to provide reasons why he should not be suspended, the city says.

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