artificial intelligence

AI in video technology: an update

In its realistic assessment of the current situation, Dallmeier says systems are being improved rapidly but much work lies ahead.


Data is the fuel that powers AI-driven CX

Genesys is hosting a Blended AI Summit to explore how AI can improve the cus-tomer experience within contact centres.


Smart teams essential for success in the digital age

Obsidian Systems’ Muggie van Staden believes the recipe for success in today’s economic environment is teamwork and technology.


Artificial intelligence projects now prolific across SA firms

Local businesses are experimenting with a range of different AI technologies, including chatbots and robotic process automation.

10 Jun

Operationalising AI and analytics in real world environments

SAS understands how important the ‘smart city’ concept is, so it looked to the urban environment as a way to compose an example of taking AI and analytics into the real world.


AI bias ups need for behaviour experts

Forensic experts in AI behaviour are in demand as companies look to reduce biases in technology solutions, says Gartner.


Artificial intelligence bootcamp heads to Khayelitsha

The Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation brings learning opportunities to the youth of Cape Town, giving them a glimpse of what the future of work may look like.


Activating intelligence in your business

In years to come, AI will herald in a new age of disruption and productivity, where human imagination is boosted by speed and accuracy, says Huawei.


The 10X employee

Ensuring we stay one step ahead of the machines is the sweet spot of how we can 10X our careers.


The robots are coming; it’s time to be more human

The trick to surviving is not to try and compete with the machines but to be more human, says futurist Graeme Codrington.


Leveraging AI for data protection

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become increasingly necessary for organisations to protect data, says Lizelle van der Klashorst, FNB.


How broadcasters can tap into artificial intelligence

The International Telecommunication Union publishes a report showing artificial intelligence can be used for distributing TV and radio content.

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