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The top five benefits of ERP in the manufacturing industry

In manufacturing, intelligent enterprises are using the latest ERP technologies to gain the edge on their competitors, says Navin D’Cruz, head of sales East Africa, Seidor Africa.


Behavioural-based rental app sparks interest after debut

Locally-developed Web app Averly attracts the right players in the rental space, with some 4 000 tenants already signed up, says CEO and co-founder Zabeth Venter.

30 Mar

UNISA moves towards fully online learning, teaching

The University of South Africa confirms plans to have its learning and teaching services go fully online, as it carves out its digital future.


Curro learners impress with AI solution for African wild dogs

Curro Academy students grab the world’s attention with their human-centric artificial intelligence solution to trace and locate African wild dogs.


Collaboration of human and machine for knowledge work

To create business value from data-driven decision-making, organisations must apply the insight from both knowledge workers and intelligent machines.


The changing role of telcos

Partnerships, leveraging existing assets, aggregation and connectivity are key if telcos wish to be significant ICT role players, says Sudipto Moitra, GM for ICT at MTN Business.


AI and the channel: Do you need it?

AI is a highly transformational technology. How can channel companies leverage it?


COVID-19 boosted SA’s digital transformation

The majority of South African organisations surveyed by Dell recognise that as a result of disruption, they need a more agile and scalable IT infrastructure.


Google, Opennetworks bring the classroom of the future to SA

The companies host a free webinar series for teachers, focused on key educational technology trends, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Mar 11, 2021

How automation is reshaping software testing

BBD has identified five notable ways that automation is affecting the overall software testing practice.


US vows to fight artificial intelligence threats posed by China

The US government recommends instituting measures to ensure China doesn’t overtake America in the production of semiconductors that are essential in the development of AI.


The emergence of a slew of new business models

The recovery from the pandemic uncertainty, confusion and disruption will prompt tech changes that will assist organisations to rebuild for a more optimistic future.

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