Electronic banking

Seniors ready for electronic banking

South African senior citizens will embrace e-banking services if their security concerns are allayed, a survey finds.


Sabric encourages alternative banking methods

With a surge in violent crime related to cash-in-hand, the organisation suggests consumers use Internet and cellphone banking channels.


Parisian wins FNB competition

The South African banking institution turned to online crowd-sourcing to come up with its new advertising campaign.


Boom time for e-banking

Digital banking options can save customers 40% to 100% in transaction fees, say banks.


FICA compliance combats company fraud

The Financial Intelligence Act (FICA) regulations for companies are more stringent than those for individuals, says Lee-Anne van Zyl, national director at FNB.


I am really me

Recent incidents of electronic banking fraud have left me feeling pretty possessive about my identity, while Absa`s steps to thwart these criminals have left my wits feeling pretty addled.


Absa`s busy e-week

After presenting its e-business gains on Wednesday, then losing the executive director in question, Absa explained how it plans to flesh out its e-channels, in terms of financial aggregation, more levels of security and VoiceXML.

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