Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Fake videos bring a new era of fake news

Fake videos created using Deepfake AI-based software up the fake news stakes and herald a new method of cyber bullying.


'Internet Censorship Bill' approved

The heavily criticised Films and Publications Amendment Bill has been passed by the National Assembly.


'Internet Censorship Bill' heading to Parliament

The Portfolio Committee on Communications has recommended the Films and Publications Amendment Bill be sent to the National Assembly for debate and final adoption.


Internet 'censorship' Bill may see changes

After receiving public comment, the Film and Publication Board proposes amendments to the controversial Films and Publications Amendment Bill.

Sep 27, 2016

Committee aims to finalise Internet 'censorship' Bill

Parliament's portfolio committee on communications plans to finalise the Films and Publications Amendment Bill within a month.

Sep 20, 2016

DA blasts Internet 'censorship' Bill

The Films and Publications Amendment Bill in its current form "gives government wide-sweeping powers to censor content on the Internet".

Dec 8, 2015

FPB comes down hard on revenge porn

The Amendment Bill proposes a fine not exceeding R150?000 or imprisonment of not more than two years or both for revenge porn.


FPB unmoved by R2K on 'censorship' policy

The board is not giving in to the activist group's calls to publish public comment on a draft policy that will allegedly lead to Internet censorship.

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