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CA Southern Africa reveals the role of mainframe in today’s customer-centric business world

Companies need to grow the skills necessary to reap the benefits that integrated mainframe and customer-centric strategies can realise, says Gerard King, CA Southern Africa Mainframe pre-sales and support engineer.


Banking: An industry disrupted by digital

As banking changed to online and now to mobile and connected devices, the industry is adopting new standards, says Michael Brink, CTO of CA Southern Africa.


Get ready to welcome the ‘new banking platform’

Most financial services organisations today are focused on building an API strategy and/or platform, and view the marketplace as a potential project for the future.


Banking on application programming interfaces

Taking a deeper look at the status of application programming interfaces in the banking sector in South Africa versus the rest of the world.


So, what’s driving API use in banking and finance?

Application programming interfaces are increasingly sophisticated, standing firmly at the heart of open banking and ushering in a host of innovations.


Permanently out of office?

The concept of bring your own identity is still in development, but is promising from the perspective of privacy and convenience for the end-user.


BizOps transition isn’t easy, but worth it

BizOps helps companies to put business outcomes at the centre of everything, from value management, to development, to IT operations.


BizOps: The alchemist for business and data

Through BizOps, teams can ensure digital infrastructures and software provide the speed, scale, efficiency and agility that business services require.


Mainframe: The cloud before the cloud was invented

What's possibly not understood is that 'cloud' has been part of the mainframe offering for a very long time; indeed, it was just branded as 'outsourcing'.


Measuring performance for optimal ROI in the modern mainframe

With greater insight into mainframe performance, companies can control or reduce costs, increase efficiency, and free up resources for high-value activities.


COVID-19 puts mainframe front and centre of IT global stage

The evolving platform constantly presents new opportunities to deliver value at higher performance levels with new architectural capabilities.

May 21, 2020

Broadcom delivers DX NetOps powered by Broadcom Silicon

DX NetOps solves network congestion with its comprehensive AI-driven monitoring and analytics. [Local rep: CA Southern Africa]

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