Digital transformation

Webinar: The alchemy of data

Traditional business intelligence approaches are not able to provide the digital organisation with the level of insight that the modern business environment demands, says Dimension Data.


Debunking the myths of managed services

The reality is that MSPs are no longer just about systems integration, says Dimension Data.

29 Nov

White paper: Four technology trends helping businesses thrive in a digital world

The past decade has brought extraordinary changes to the way people interact, and expect to do business, says Microsoft.


Tech predictions: 2019 will be the year of the CIO

Forrester Research predicts the CIO's role will be elevated in 2019, as the IT executive is given room to lead and orchestrate this vital company role.

21 Nov

Driving financial inclusion through mobility

MoVAS Group has worked closely with Microsoft, through its 4Afrika Initiative, to develop and scale its solution.


SA lags on digital transformation

Only 8% of South African businesses are 'digital leaders' in regards to digital transformation adoption, a Dell survey finds.

12 Nov

eBook: Human ingenuity amplified

AI empowers marketers to deepen consumer connections and personalise communications.


ITU study quantifies economic value of digital tech

Policy-makers across the ITU membership will have a blueprint to measure the economic impact of broadband technologies.

Oct 22, 2018

Cloud helps SA food retailer streamline operations

The company's current push for efficiency is part of a larger digital transformation effort that includes moving key on-premises IT workloads to the cloud.

Oct 17, 2018

How SA compares to UAE in terms of ICT growth

Countries where governments take emerging technologies seriously and start adopting them in their processes tend to lead in innovation, says IDC.

Oct 9, 2018

White paper: Digital transformation

What is digital transformation and how does it fit into IT service management?


Why BPM and data analytics are a powerful combination

Unlocking the as yet untapped treasure trove of Business Process Management systems could release just the kind of data businesses need.

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