Digital transformation

Taking an analytical approach to cyber security training

People remain the biggest weak point in an organisation's security strategy. On-the-job training, in the form of simulated phishing campaigns, offers one of the best ways to educate staff.


Delivering insights into storage, fuelling digital transformation

The far-reaching integration of digital technology within an organisation is fundamentally challenging all areas of businesses, says Graeme Dendy, operations and services manager for Converged Solutions at Datacentrix.

11 Feb

Industry 4.0 promises a new level of collaboration between man and machine

With today's lightning-fast pace of change, the customer experience will become truly on-demand, says Microsoft.


R&D rises to priority level for manufacturers

The key is not just to implement R&D but also to use its outputs effectively to develop and grow, says Terri Hiskey, vice-president of product marketing for manufacturing at Epicor Software.


How cloud affects a business's digital ambitions

Delegates attending ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019 will gain an understanding of how they can leverage cloud technologies to streamline business processes.


Accelerate digital initiatives to deliver better outcomes

Today's digital business models are built on information technology that provides greater strategic value.

5 Feb

Oracle moves to exploit emerging tech in SA

This year, the company will up the delivery of technologies like artificial intelligence, IOT and blockchain in the local market.


White paper: Cloud computing and data offshoring for banks

The Cloud Rules create a framework for the use of cloud computing and data offshoring by banks, says Microsoft.

25 Jan

IBM creates blockchain network for medical industry

The computing company and its partners establish a blockchain network to drive digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

24 Jan

Govt CIOs divulge top investment priorities for 2019

Government CIOs will increase investment in cyber security and data analytics in 2019, ousting cloud services from the top spot, says Gartner.

23 Jan

Avaya remains committed to South Africa

Its business in the country strengthened over the last year, as more local enterprises made progress in their digital transformation journeys, says Avaya.

Jan 17, 2019

Applications are conduits for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data

Service integration and automating the flow of data between applications is essential to building a digital organisation, says Dimension Data.

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