Deirdre Fryer

ZAP, SYSPRO collaborate

ZAP Data Hub for SYSPRO automates the preparation of data for reporting.

Aug 7, 2018

Meet Ken, Syspro's talking, texting chatbot

Syspro develops an AI-powered chatbot to help manufacturers and distributors improve their customer relationship management efforts.


Integrating the IOT into your ERP

IOT and ERP is a powerful combination that gives African SMEs the agility to enter large supply chains and compete head-on with the big guys, says Deirdre Fryer, Product Manager for Africa at SYSPRO Africa.


Viewpoint: Digital disruption: Is formal education obsolete?

The impact of digital disruption in education has some industry observers commenting that formal education should no longer be an employment prerequisite, says SYSPRO Academy's Deirdre Fryer.

Nov 22, 2016

Viewpoint: E-learning changing the landscape of education

The SYSPRO Learning Channel has created a learning, "one-stop shop" online that gives users learning on demand as and when it's needed, says Deirdre Fryer.

Sep 16, 2016

Viewpoint: general skills vital for effective IT internships

IT companies who train interns in software development also need to impart general skills and give a strong business context, says Deirdre Fryer, manager of SYSPRO Academy.

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