Endpoint security

Safeguard endpoint security for remote working

Endpoint security ensures employees follow the right security protocols and all devices are running on updated systems and programs, says Stefan van de Giessen, GM: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited Africa.


Check Point patches local privilege escalation vulnerability

The flaw makes it possible for threat actors to slip through the anti-malware nets.

Aug 21, 2018

eBook: Advanced endpoint security for dummies

Staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Apr 10, 2018

Hacking lays life and limb at risk

But crypto clues security professionals into new methods to banish IOT hackers.

Mar 2, 2018

Future-oriented network security solutions

Companies are looking to advanced technologies to protect their critical data.


Businesses fail to close the gap on exploits

The median total cost of a ransomware attack in SA is around R1.7 million.


Ngcaba's Convergence Partners buys into ESET

The Pan-African ICT-focused private equity player acquires a minority stake in ESET Southern Africa.


End-users are juicy targets for hackers

If end-users lack awareness about cyber attacks, they remain the weakest link in IT security, says Symantec.


Endpoint security is not dead

Endpoint security software is getting a bad reputation for being an ineffective security measure, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


Endpoint security a must for SMEs

Cyber crime is a sophisticated and lucrative business, making endpoint security a priority for all organisations.


Endpoint security remains a challenge

The number of solutions required to secure an endpoint make the task difficult to manage, says Hennie Moolman, MD of AfricaSD.


Check Point upgrades security solution

The company's Endpoint Security R72 delivers end-user simplicity and Web threat protection.

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