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Tanzania orders unregistered bloggers to remove sites


The East African country instructs all unregistered bloggers and online forums to immediately suspend their Web sites or face criminal prosecution.

Sony becomes world's biggest music publisher

23 May

The Japanese multinational conglomerate will pay about $2.3 billion for EMI, as digital streaming brings new life to the music industry.

YouTube Music aims to better appeal to local tastes

The Google unit hires music experts across the world to make its revamped music streaming subscription more locally "authentic".

Ad sales, costs surge at Google parent Alphabet

Apr 24, 2018

Alphabet's quarterly results fail to clarify the company's profit outlook as it navigates the move to a phone-based computing world.

Tech CEOs urge gun control after YouTube shooting

Apr 4, 2018

Several Silicon Valley leaders call for increased gun control after a woman shot and wounded people at YouTube's headquarters.

YouTube workers flee as woman opens fire

Apr 4, 2018

A woman opened fire with a handgun at YouTube's headquarters near San Francisco yesterday, wounding three people before shooting herself dead.

YouTube adds dose of reality to conspiracy videos

Mar 14, 2018

The video platform will display text from Wikipedia and other sites alongside some videos as it attempts to combat hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

Spotify financials in tune for listing

Mar 1, 2018

In preparing for a direct listing, Spotify discloses its financial data for the first time, showing rising revenue and relatively steady operating costs.

Social media scams to gain traction in 2018

Feb 7, 2018

As social media continues to gain prominence, experts warn users to watch out for blackmail, money laundering, identity theft, and dating scams.

Alphabet misses profit estimates as spending grows

Feb 2, 2018

Google's parent company misses quarterly profit forecasts, as steady ad sales growth was offset by increased spending to promote its other offerings.

YouTube again revises rules to protect advertisers

Jan 18, 2018

Google attempts to protect advertisers on its YouTube user channels from being associated with videos featuring offensive content.

YouTube responds to suicide-video outcry

Jan 12, 2018

The online video platform finally takes steps against vlogger Logan Paul after he posted a video of a dead body online.