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Harness the power of domain-driven design

Systems work when we all speak and understand the same language.


Software conversations show changing expectations

The intersection of needs between business, society and technical professionals is a telling indicator of currently accepted solutions, says Anujah Bosman, CEO of Chillisoft.


A step beyond

Too many companies have erred on the side of robustness, looking to avoid failure at any cost, says Stephen de Villiers Graaff, Principal Agile Consultant at DVT.


Agile adoption increases apace

In the past few years, Agile has become part of the mainstream of development approaches, says Mandy Schoeman, founder and MD of Scrum Solutions.


The lost art of craftsmanship

Software developers are looking at the idea of craftsmanship as an approach to career development, says Richard Firth, CEO of MIP Holdings.


Wanted: Software developers for (South) Africa

There is little incentive for software developers to use their talents locally, since there is no preferential procurement policy that encourages enterprises to use locally developed products, says Rick Parry, CEO of AIGS.


Get agile with organisational waste

Software bloat uses money that could be more usefully spent empowering people.


The rise of business analysis as a service

Business analysis as a service is a critical discipline that has a real role to play in an age of quicker, better, faster software development.


Adapt or die

As the mobile software trend reshapes the user landscape, does the local industry have the wherewithal to meet this challenge?


Avoiding the pitfalls

The question many execs are grappling with is how to make use of the benefits of cloud without disrupting existing systems and services.


Have you killed enough projects this year?

Software development projects don't have a right to life. Sometimes they should be killed, or mothballed, or scaled down, so resources can be allocated to more urgent things, says Ziaan Hattingh, MD of IndigoCube.


Unbiased software development advice non-existent

There is no truly "independent" software development advice available;what is needed is a range of biased opinions that allow users to offset many different views and professional experiences, says Chris Wilkins, CEO of DVT.

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