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Get rid of IT jargon to drive business transformation

Buzzwords, particularly those that are not directly linked to a specific technology such as VPN or 5G, often come to mean different things to different people.


BI should go beyond graphs to deliver answers and ROI

With advanced BI and analytics, it’s not just a graph, it’s a tool that saves money and makes money, says Sridhar Rajagopal, principal solution engineer at Epicor Software.


Smart technology helped SA weather double supply chain whammy

Much of the success achieved by supply chain professionals over the past 18 months can be attributed in large measure to their willingness to embrace smart supply chain technology.


Research reveals cloud’s role in business’s COVID-19 survival

Adoption of and trust in cloud technology mushroomed in the past year, as businesses sought to adapt to the rapidly changing world wrought by COVID-19.

May 6, 2019

Industry 4.0 to create more smart factories

The fourth industrial revolution will bring enhanced human-machine interaction, driving interconnectivity and data transparency in manufacturing.

Feb 11, 2019

R&D rises to priority level for manufacturers

The key is not just to implement R&D but also to use its outputs effectively to develop and grow, says Terri Hiskey, vice-president of product marketing for manufacturing at Epicor Software.


Use data to avoid analysis paralysis

By applying analytics to data, decision-makers can swiftly access insights to help them make the right choices, says Andy Coussins, senior VP and head of sales, international, Epicor Software.

Feb 4, 2019

From blockchain to digital twinning

Blockchain technology can revolutionise the supply chain, delivering transparency, scalability and enhanced security, says Terri Hiskey, VP Product Marketing, Manufacturing at Epicor Software.


2019 is the year for manufacturers

ERP solutions will continue to be central to the implementation of successful manufacturing technology in 2019, says Andy Coussins, senior VP and head of sales, international, at Epicor Software.

Jul 31, 2018

All you need to know about cloud ERP

ERP in the cloud offers several security benefits that could outweigh on-premises options for the business, says Kerrie Jordan, senior manager of product marketing at Epicor Software.


Are you ready for the Fifth Industrial Revolution?

Industry 5.0 is going to be here far sooner than most people think, and businesses must be prepared with software that can support the unknown, says MD for Epic ERP, Stuart Scanlon.


Things Industry 4.0 will change about how you work

Terri Hiskey, vice president, product marketing manufacturing at Epicor Software, lists three examples of attitudes that need to shift, as manufacturers break down barriers between departments, embrace customisation, and work in tandem with machines.

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