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Viewpoint: WhatsApp Business a viable comms tool for SMEs

Instant messaging services play a significant role in enabling quick problem-solving and enhancing customer service, says Ocular Technologies CEO Pommie Lutchman.


Viewpoint: Automated Intelligence: where to from here?

Pommie Lutchman, CEO at Ocular Technologies, outlines the different types of Automated Intelligence.


Viewpoint: The Cognitive Enterprise is here

The next wave of innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain, virtual and augmented intelligence will see the creation of The Cognitive Enterprise, says Ocular Technologies’ Pommie Lutchman.


AI and business – are you ready for this?

Used in business, any task that requires a human to consistently repeat it is a great candidate for the use of AI, says Pommie Lutchman, CEO and founder of Ocular Technologies.

Apr 17, 2019

Destination automation

As the business world evolves, your business needs to evolve too. Here's how automation can help.


Intelligent automation unlocks opportunities

Thanks to intelligent automation, business has found a mechanised way to deliver a personalised offering, says Ocular Technologies.


Customer engagement and AI

In the transition from the information age to the automation age, people need to change their relationship with technology, says Pommie Lutchman, CEO at Ocular Technologies.


Hello conversational commerce

Conversational commerce enables online shoppers and brands to interact with one another via chat and voice interfaces, says Ocular Technologies.


Viewpoint: Voice-first strategy is the future

The fast adoption of voice-activated devices to engage consumers can add value to overall business strategy, says Ocular Technologies CEO Pommie Lutchman.

Oct 25, 2018

Viewpoint: It's time to put the 'C' in front of CX

Pommie Lutchman, CEO of Ocular Technologies, discusses the value of a predictive service in the contact centre environment.


Ocular Technologies undergoes transformation

The company announces the resignation of COO Ebrahim Dinat, as well as a broadening of its existing solution offering.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

It's time to throw out the old contact centre and emerge as an experience centre, says Pommie Lutchman, CEO at Ocular Technologies.

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