Mobius Consulting

Understanding the NIST Cyber Security Framework

Improving cyber security capabilities goes hand-in-hand with a significant investment, says Mobius Consulting.

Mar 11, 2019

ISACA SA Chapter hosts inaugural COBIT 2019 Conference

The conference offered thought leadership sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities.


SA firms have 'completely wrong' approach to POPI

Many local firms are scrambling to implement their POPI Act compliance strategy, say Mobius Consulting experts.


The true value of identity and access governance

When implemented correctly, IAG offers real information security control for the protection of information, says Mobius Consulting.

Sep 20, 2017

Cyber security policy implementation lags

Research shows companies do not enforce cyber security policies with much vigour.


New security technologies call for user, business involvement

To make security solutions effective, practitioners are increasingly required to rely on users, says Raymond du Plessis of Mobius Consulting.


Local firms need sustainable security solutions

South African organisations are focusing too heavily on the technical aspects of solution implementation, says Mobius Consulting.


Why infosec projects bomb

Technical issues are not the reason behind information security project failure, says Mobius Consulting.

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