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Transitioning to a new payroll solution

Today, the digital workforce requires a vastly different approach to how employees are managed, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies SA.


IOT offers control of every business resource

IOT provides in-depth metrics about customers and behaviour, with the potential to exploit this information using data analysts and visualisation software, says Kabelo Ngwane, customer success manager at CRS Technologies.


Data provides opportunities for HR and payroll

Data must underpin everything an HR and payroll department does, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies.

Nov 29, 2018

Considerations before implementing an HCM system

Investing in a SaaS-based human capital management system gives businesses more options, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies South Africa.


Establishing an engaged organisation

Disengaged employees can negatively impact the growth and long-term success of a company, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies.


Treat employee incapacity with caution: CRS Technologies

Employers cannot simply dismiss an employee for being incapacitated; each case requires consideration of all requirements, says Nicol Myburgh, head of HR business unit at CRS Technologies.


Embracing integrated HR systems

By linking the HR system to other core business applications, the company can improve daily operations, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies.


Job market aligns to needs of disabled

CRS Technologies has an established legal services division that assists clients in complying with legislation, says Nicol Myburgh, head of HR Business Unit at CRS Technologies.


CRS Technologies, Simone showcase HR life cycle

The company has created a virtual character called Simone, whose journey into the working world will be told through Facebook.


CRS Technologies toasts 30th year

Businesses must understand conflict and how best to manage this HR issue, the company advised during its celebrations. ?


Successful HR requires buy-in from stakeholders

Payroll and HR practitioners must understand that technology does not reduce the significance of their role;?rather, it enables manual processes, says James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies.


HR market rising up to the cloud

There is a better understanding of how cloud technology has evolved to ensure peace of mind regarding security and an improvement in broadband availability, says?James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies.

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