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Justice dept cyber attack spills over to Info Regulator

The ransomware attack on the Department of Justice’s IT systems spreads to infect all electronic services provided by the Information Regulator.


Don’t get caught out by POPIA

Meeting POPIA requirements requires a re-engineering of business processes, continued vigilance and ongoing audit, says Proceed Group.

Jul 22, 2021

SYNAQ is prepared for the POPI Act

SYNAQ's solutions make your business processes POPI compliant because they’re intentionally engineered to fulfil the legislation’s data security requirements.


Regulator warns against distribution of jailed Zuma images

SA's information watchdog issues a stern warning to those who unlawfully accessed and distributed images of the incarcerated former president.


Dawn of a new era for data privacy in South Africa

Following a one-year grace period to comply with POPIA, from today, organisations that do not meet the conditions prescribed by the legislation will be held liable.


More responsibilities for Info Regulator as POPIA beckons

As of today, the Information Regulator will take over the regulatory mandate functions relating to the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

Jun 22, 2021

POPIA prior authorisation commencement date set for 2022

The regulator extends the commencement date of the provision that requires firms to obtain prior authorisation if processing certain types of personal information.


SA’s privacy watchdog accuses WhatsApp of double standards

The Information Regulator consults attorneys after not reaching an agreement with Facebook, regarding revising its WhatsApp privacy policy in SA.


Information Regulator calls on info officers to register online

The Information Regulator urges organisations to submit their online registrations of information officers and deputy information officers from 1 May.


No extension to POPI Act grace period, says info regulator

The Information Regulator stresses the one-year grace period given to organisations to comply with the data privacy law will not be extended.


Information Regulator publishes guidance note on applications for prior authorisation

The Information Regulator has issued guidelines for applicants who require prior authorisation to process certain categories of information under POPIA.


POPIA codes of conduct, information officers and applications for exemption

The Information Regulator has provided some clarity on practical aspects of POPIA, as organisations work towards achieving compliance by 30 June 2021.

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