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Several flaws in SA’s draft data and cloud policy, say experts

Industry insiders highlight failings in the Draft National Policy on Data and Cloud, questioning government’s approach to co-owning locally-generated data.


Govt urged to include online GBV in Domestic Violence Act

Digital policy organisation Research ICT Africa will today appear before Parliament to ask government to consider online GBV in the Domestic Violence Act.


COVID-19 exposes SA’s digital fractures, inequality

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic unmasks the defects in South Africa’s digital economy, which could be turned into opportunities if tackled now.

Feb 20, 2018

Telecoms policy becomes a tennis match

The Internet Service Providers' Association sees SA's telecoms regulation as endless sets of policy implementation decisions and failures.

Feb 8, 2018

DOC split 'set the sector back 10 years'

Research ICT Africa believes the Department of Communications and Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services should be re-amalgamated.

Feb 7, 2018

ECA Bill gives DTPS minister too much power

Research ICT Africa calls for the Bill to be withdrawn in its current format, saying it erodes ICASA's power and expands the minister's power in a way that could be unconstitutional.


Africa still grapples with barriers to Internet access

Affordability remains one of the primary barriers to Internet access and optimal Internet usage in SA, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria.


'Unjustified' mobile price hikes under microscope

The NCC is adamant it will get to the bottom of recent mobile price hikes, which a new report deems unjustified.


Call for end of over-priced data

Local operators lag when it comes to the decline in mobile data pricing in Africa, says Research ICT Africa.

Feb 24, 2015

Only brief relief from MTR shake-up

Consumers see short-term benefits from changes in the telecoms landscape, but SA remains high on the most expensive list.


Awarding excellence

The winners of the IT industry's top annual accolades - IT Personality and Visionary CIO of the Year - were announced at the IITPSA President's Awards event on 6 November 2014.


ICASA's call rate model slated

The Right2Know campaign believes the regulator's chosen termination rate costing model will inflate costs and perpetuate profiteering.

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