15 Nov

End of an era

SAP announced that in 2025, support for non-HANA ERP solutions will come to an end.


Elbex Technologies’ intelligent video-monitoring project named Fujitsu 2019 SELECT Innovation Award winner

Elbex Technologies combined its video expertise, algorithms and intelligence with Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers to transform passive video surveillance information into a smart data system.

11 Nov

Fujitsu standardises on Infrastructure Manager

ISM makes it easier for businesses to efficiently manage software-defined data centres.


Fujitsu delivers next-generation storage performance for the digital world

Fujitsu's extensive storage portfolio is designed to meet the needs of any data centre environment, delivering on all data requirements and business demands, says Kenichi Sakai, SVP and Head of System Platform Business Unit at Fujitsu.


Fujitsu delivers refreshed PRIMERGY mono-socket servers

The servers are a cost-effective on-premises alternative to the cloud, especially for office tasks such as powering shared databases and for use at the network edge, says Christian Leutner, Head of Product Sales Europe at Fujitsu.


Fujitsu creates global Gateway to accelerate adoption of digital transformation

The Gateway will offer content tailored to customers’ business priorities by pulling together the most relevant areas of Fujitsu’s advanced technological and industry expertise, says Tim White, Head of Global Delivery Group at Fujitsu.


Fujitsu, Rice Exchange collaborate

Fujitsu and Ricex are bringing to market the world’s first global blockchain-based rice trading platform.


Fujitsu, Ericsson accelerate wireless connectivity for Industry 4.0

The companies will focus on boosting wireless connectivity to enable the full potential of Industry 4.0, accelerating digital transformation.

Aug 29, 2019

Fujitsu quantum-inspired Digital Annealer delivers securitisation optimisation for main incubator

Fujitsu Digital Annealer has provided a simultaneous calculation of combinatorial optimisation challenges by leveraging quantum characteristics in a digital architecture, making the POC possible for main incubator.

Aug 26, 2019

Fujitsu, Nutanix achieve certification to run SAP HANA on joint hyper-converged infrastructure solution

Fujitsu is enabling the full integration of mission-critical SAP HANA deployments on hyper-converged infrastructure based on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY.

Aug 22, 2019

Fujitsu leverages blockchain to tackle fraud, piracy

Fujitsu customers deploying the DocumentFlow enterprise blockchain app can track and verify the legitimacy of any digital asset.


Fujitsu paves the way to exascale computing

Fujitsu hands over ultra-high-performance computing cluster for release to operations at University of Edinburgh as part of a Horizon 2020 research project.

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