'SA government should look into deploying blockchain'

In future we will see more governments and private organisations collaborating to be at the forefront of deploying this technology, says Hans Hultgren.

BI trends to take note of in 2018

New technologies will help companies realise a return on investment in business intelligence and analytics, say experts.

Enterprise blockchain training on SUSE Linux


Tymlez provides an easy-to-use blockchain architecture, SUSE provides a robust CAAS platform and Jumping Bean provides training, says Jumping Bean.

Blockchain in the compliance arsenal

Blockchain technology may support some data management efforts, but it's not a silver bullet for compliance.

Bitcoin still in hype cycle: FNB

CEO Jacques Celliers says Bitcoin is still in a bit of a "hype cycle", but the bank is excited by blockchain and its possible use cases.

White paper: first on the block

IBM has set up over 20 active blockchain networks.

$4.6bn raised through global ICOs

Initial coin offerings took off last year, raising a total of $4.6bn globally, says a PwC report.

Student uses blockchain to curb aid fraud

A local university student develops a solution to arrest corruption and fraud in the development aid sector.

EU stands ready to regulate crypto-currencies

27 Feb

The union will decide how to address crypto-currency regulation if risks from the sector are not tackled at global level.

Blockchain, AI to shape fintech's future

Technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence are driving growth in the financial technology sector, says Frost & Sullivan.

Crypto-currency mining sparks equipment surge

21 Feb

As crypto-miners hunt for deals on gear, chipmakers see opportunity as the processing chips are the priciest component.

The Blockchain Academy partners with The Field Institute

This will enable the Blockchain Academy to deliver courses on the practical application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.