SA's new crypto-currency developed to save rhino

Rhino Coin aims to generate funding for rhino conservation and support anti-poaching initiatives through blockchain technology.

IBM helps establish and extend blockchain networks

Blockchain has become an important way to instil trust into transactions and entire business processes.

Firms that don't consider blockchain 'risk falling behind'

Due to its auditable, immutable, and disintermediated system capabilities, blockchain will disrupt business models across all sectors, says Deloitte.

Blockchain measures impact of conservation in Madagascar

The ixo Foundation's `Blockchain for Impact' is being used to record insect and animal life regeneration in a Madagascar reforestation project.

SARB lauds blockchain project though it won't go live

The central bank says there are still many issues to consider before the decision to adopt a distributed ledger tech-based system is taken.

SARB blockchain project successful

The South African Reserve Bank releases a report showing an internal experiment with blockchain technology was successful.

Bitcoin forks a complex affair for exchanges

South African crypto-currency experts explain why some forks are more profitable than others.

Small businesses prioritising IOT over blockchain, AI

29 May

Eighty-three percent of local SMEs envisage using the Internet of things within five years, a survey has found.

Ill-advised stunt backfires at blockchain conference

29 May

A publicity stunt featuring a Mao Zedong lookalike at a conference on blockchain in China sparks uproar on social media.

Data the key to IBM being 'the enterprise cloud'

IBM's Cloud and Data Hub at #ThinkJohannesburg on 20 June will challenge conventional thinking around data and cloud, the company says.

Tech trends on show at #ThinkJohannesburg

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, IOT, the cloud and more will be on display at IBM's #ThinkJohannesburg event.

Properbuz appoints David Drake as advisor

He has been appointed to the advisory board of Properbuz, a division of Bebuzee, which has been declared effective for an IPO.