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Post offices’ IT infrastructure destroyed amid looting

Looters have completely destroyed critical ICT equipment at post office branches in KwaZulu-Natal, confirms the communications ministry.


ICASA backs SAPO in postal wars, amid online protest

The regulator stands its ground as thousands sign an online petition against a court bid to block courier companies from distributing small items.

Jun 1, 2021

SAPO boosts e-commerce ambitions with Mail Americas deal

The South African Post Office signs an agreement with Mail Americas to give online traders better access to all of Southern Africa.


SAPO lawsuit against couriers could shatter e-commerce sector

The South African Post Office’s court bid to block courier companies from distributing small items could result in disaster for SA’s e-commerce sector.


Ministry promises SAPO e-commerce site in ‘next few months’

The South African Post Office’s e-commerce platform is set to launch in the next few months, as it aims to expand its role in the online retail space.


Ndabeni-Abrahams denies flouting procurement processes

Communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams refutes media claims that she and members of her family have interfered in the procurement processes at the post office. 


COVID-19 grant recipients can switch payment method

The South African Social Security Agency will once again open its online system to allow recipients of the R350 social relief grant to change to their preferred method of payment.


Ndabeni-Abrahams meets SAPO, Postbank boards amid social grant tiff

The minister implores the boards to fast-track the digitisation of banking services, as squabbles about R350 relief grants take centre stage.

Jul 31, 2020

SASSA enables changes for easier access to COVID-19 grant

The South African Social Security Agency opens its system to approved beneficiaries of the COVID-19 grant, allowing them to alter banking details online.


Post office takes cashless ATMs to Limpopo

The South African Post Office’s cashless ATMs reach Limpopo province, as part of efforts to decongest current SASSA payment points.


USAASA spends R5m a month on set-top box storage

The state-owned company looks to install over 800 000 digital migration decoders by next March, and courts signal distributor Sentech to help with project management.


SA Post Office targets May launch for ‘e-mall’ commerce platform

The South African Post Office sees its e-commerce platform as the bridge to help government fast-track digital migration and boost its own revenue-generation efforts.

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