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Stumbling blocks to avoid on the AI journey

If AI tools do not have clean, consistent and complete data from which to draw insight, the insights they provide will be flawed, says Harkrishan Singh, director, Application Development at In2IT Technologies.


Establishing a diverse and productive workplace

Diversity doesn’t happen in silos; it requires the co-operation of everyone at the company, says Cleo Gwena, project manager at In2IT Technologies.


Premier prompts SIU to investigate security contract

Gauteng premier David Makhura asks the Special Investigation Unit to probe the controversial multimillion-rand Security Operation Centre contract.


Banks can become the next big tech

Banks are already connected and operate integrated digital environments, says Kumar Utpal, regional sales manager for Banking and Insurance at In2IT Technologies.


Data silos are detrimental to excellent customer experiences

If a business cannot access, analyse and understand all aspects of its customers, it can't deliver the experience today’s consumers demand, says Andrew Hoseck, COO at In2IT Technologies.


RPA or BPM – must businesses choose?

RPA and BPM can be integrated seamlessly to leverage their advantages for intelligent automation, says Harkrishan Singh, director: Application Development at In2IT Technologies.


Manage connectivity expenditure by keeping up with change

There are many connectivity options that businesses can invest in today, but cost remains a major concern for most, says Vishal Barapatre, CTO at In2IT Technologies.


In2IT, SAS partner to combat money laundering in Africa

The companies collaborate to offer compliance and fraud detection solutions to financial services firms across Africa.

Aug 23, 2019

In2IT aligns with UN sustainable development goals

The company is aligning itself with three of the UN's goals: education, healthcare and gender equality, says Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In2IT Technologies SA.


Think before jumping on the IOT bandwagon

It is important to define your business challenge and the operational requirements of a potential IOT solution, says Vishal Barapatre, CTO at In2IT Technologies.

Aug 29, 2018

SA start-ups make waves with blockchain innovations

There are numerous start-ups in the country looking at a wide range of blockchain-based fintech solutions.

Jul 24, 2018

Fine-tuning the complexities of IT governance

The challenges of governance remain a pressing concern for organisations looking to retain a competitive edge and a sustainable future.

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