Aneshan Ramaloo
Jul 10, 2018

Tomorrow's talent: it's all in the data

How AI and analytics is helping to create the skills index that will be used to determine future generations of football stars.


Human and machine collaboration changing the face of BI

Companies now need architectures that seamlessly combine AI with human expertise, says ITS Woolworths.


Grasping the information hidden in data

Data visualisation not only helps unravel an organisation's data, it makes it easier to understand, says SAS Africa.

Nov 21, 2017

Analytics can help predict and manage disasters

By using big data, it is possible to understand how residents may react to a future catastrophe, say experts.


How analytics is winning the fight against cancer

Big data is playing a vital role in the fight against diseases like cancer, says Aneshan Ramaloo, Senior Business Solutions Manager at SAS.

Oct 16, 2017

The role of analytics in disasters

Analytics has a vital role to play in predicting and managing disasters.


Power of analytics in disease management

Real-time analytics, utilising a variety of data touch points, offers hope of tracking, controlling and eliminating potential pandemics - before they can spread, says Aneshan Ramaloo, senior business solutions manager at SAS.


Could predictive and sentimental analysis swing the 2019 vote?

Political parties may be able to improve their performance if they are better equipped to identify `swing' voters and to target specific issues of concern to voters.?

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