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Cloud migration and the ‘catch-22’ conundrum

A “catch-22” situation arises when companies hold on to aging, underperforming IT platforms, hoping to postpone the day when a move to cloud computing becomes imperative.

Sep 3, 2020

The pain of IT projects … here’s a first aid kit

When it comes to IT projects, none are ever seamless, most of them are delayed and almost all cost more than initially estimated, says Jacques Malan, project manager, Futuresense.

Aug 11, 2020

The 10 commandments of agile data modelling

These commandments do not speak to a technical modelling approach, but more to an ethos and way of work when it comes to agile data modelling.


Project management to the rescue for coronavirus-hit marketers

PM tools are helping marketing organisations adapt to remote working, recent surveys show.


African 'youthquake' a top trend to watch in project management

Project professionals will play a key role in addressing global challenges, including mentoring younger leaders and helping to avert a climate catastrophe, says PMI.


Connect with your future resources today

LearnConnect offers a Project Management learnership that creates a talent pool of potential future employees already trained in company culture through practical work experience.


Pipelines create sustainable Project Management offices

Recognising the need for a pipeline of young, empowered project managers and administrators, LearnConnect provides a solid grounding in Project Management.


Report reveals gap between C-suite executives and PMOs

The long-awaited PMO Insight Report reveals a disconnect between SA executives and their PMOs in terms of expectations and delivery.


Project Portfolio Office looks at current state of local portfolio and project management, releasing results of first PMO Insights Report

Project Portfolio Office releases findings of its first comprehensive analysis of project management offices within South Africa.


Top tech projects that have changed the world

The World Wide Web is the most important project of the modern era, according to the Project Management Institute.


Why change-agility is essential for Agile

If there's one thing organisations and teams need in these disruptive times, it’s the ability to pull together, pivot quickly and get things done.


Five tips for a winning PMO

Last year's winner of the South African PMO Awards offers tips for developing a winning PMO.

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