Customer Contact

Accenture Interactive opens first Fjord studio in Africa

The studio is aimed at helping Accenture Interactive's clients to design digital products and services to meet customer requirements.


Gartner proposes new customer experience approach

To turn the customer experience vision into reality, Gartner advises leaders to dispel three myths around the approach in general.


Biometric evolution

Voice authentication is fast emerging as one of the most secure, yet simple, ways to identify an individual.


Viewpoint: Robotic process automation surpasses expectations

Ocular Technologies CEO Pommie Lutchman discusses the value of robotic process automation in the contact centre.


Robots revolutionise customer service

It may seem a contradiction in terms to use robotics to improve your customer service; after all, people want to deal with people. But it's being done and it's changing banking's entire client onboarding journey.


Distribution platforms assist in B2B sales process

ChannelCenter's marketplace feature provides customers with a comprehensive database of products along with specs for comparison purposes.


Shifting to bots in challenging retail environment

Any IT investment should be flexible enough to adapt to dynamic market conditions and the shifting needs of customers, says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO.


Benefits, challenges of social BI

With social data becoming more available to BI teams, companies are now able to dig into the psychology of the customer.

10 Sep

To the cloud and beyond with Azuka

Azuka's range of cloud solutions help businesses transition to the cloud efficiently and cost-effectively.


Regulator clarity needed for SCA directive

PSD2 SCA requirements will be implemented soon, but a lack of direction is making balancing security and the customer experience difficult, says Aspect.


Recognising, rewarding, retaining 'high value customers'

Businesses should automate systems that deal with client account issues, and take a proactive approach to customer service, says Frik van der Westhuizen, Marketing Director at LoyaltyPlus.

5 Sep

Employee experience is critical to digital transformation

Most enterprises focus on the customer experience as a key driver of their digital transformation strategy, but the employee experience is just as important.