Budget: Govt backs digital banking services

The South African government throws its weight behind banking entrants that harness the power of technology and bring innovation into the financial sector.

Crypto-currency mining sparks equipment surge


As crypto-miners hunt for deals on gear, chipmakers see opportunity as the processing chips are the priciest component.

Bitcoin has 'pretty much failed' as a currency

The crypto-currency is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things, says Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

Crypto-currency plagued by fraud, manipulation

Crypto-currency "pump-and-dump" scams rip off investors by inflating the price of volatile virtual tokens through spreading bogus information.

Rich crypto-currency rewards for researchers

A blockchain-powered network will reward quality research with its own crypto-currency.

SARB to investigate emerging fintech

The South African Reserve Bank has established a fintech programme to assess the emergence of new technologies, including crypto-currency, and to consider its regulatory implications.

Are you hosting crypto zombie miners?

Is your device's CPU being used to mine crypto-currency? ITWeb sat down with BUI to discuss this next evolution in cyber attacks.

Net1 invests more in blockchain development

Net1 UEPS Technologies ups its stake in Bank Frick in Liechtenstein to accelerate the expansion of a dedicated team focused on blockchain technology.

Bitcoin bounces back from three-month low

The crypto-currency rallies from three-month lows below $6 000 in choppy trading, but worries linger about a global regulatory clampdown.

Bitcoin extends slide, falls below $7 000

The crypto-currency took another knock yesterday, suffering a double-digit decline.

Insurers test Bitcoin business with heist policies

Insurers say they are looking into theft coverage for companies that handle digital currencies.

Bitcoin slides as Facebook ad ban unnerves investors

The world's largest crypto-currency skids 11% to its lowest since November as India's clampdown and Facebook's ad ban frighten investors.