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Vodacom, MTN want lower spectrum prices to cover rural areas

With the promise of permanent spectrum by the end of the year, the operators say lower spectrum prices would incentivise greater coverage of rural areas.


SA’s remote working readiness still a work in progress

At the introduction of the lockdown period, less than half of surveyed organisations had rolled out a digital transformation strategy that enabled remote working.


E-commerce booms as retail sales plummet to record decline

E-commerce is expected to be the retail industry’s lifeline, as the latest local brick-and-mortar sales figures paint a bleak picture.

Jul 8, 2020

TymeBank, Discovery Bank see customer gains during lockdown

The digital banks report an upswing in on-boarding new customers, as more consumers look to branchless banking channels for their financial services.

Jun 11, 2020

TikTok changes the social media rules in South Africa

Despite warnings that it is a breeding ground for predators, new kid on the block TikTok takes South Africa’s social media space by storm.


The new age of retail

Retailers need to learn about elastic availability, which means having a supply chain that can quickly fulfil demand for a product that’s unavailable in the store.


Smart feature phones to break Africa’s connectivity barrier

Affordable smart feature phones with Internet access and durability are expected to gain traction in Africa in 2020.

Nov 28, 2019

E-commerce sites use electronics as bait for Black Friday

Local e-commerce sites will use the “loss leader” approach, as they offer mega deals in exchange for new customers.


SA’s answer to 4IR will be shaped by proactive policy development

While AI is a potential driver of future employment, this is hindered by government’s reactionary approach to developing policy that speaks to the adoption of new tech.

Aug 29, 2019

SA manufacturers lag behind in IOT, AI

Local manufacturers are falling behind the curve in adoption of fibre connectivity, hampering their ability to innovate, says SYSPRO.


Paying the ransom is a terrible idea

Not only does it encourage ransomware attacks, but there is no guarantee that cyber criminals will hand over the decryption key once the ransom is paid.


Outdated security software puts SA firms at risk

The majority of local organisations are still using dated software to deal with cyber security incidents, a new survey finds.

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