ERP systems
Mar 4, 2014

How can CFOs benefit from ERP systems?

With ERP at their disposal, CFOs can gain real-time insights into what is happening within the finance function and other arms of the business, says Beno?t Gruber, VP of Product & Alliances for Sage ERP X3.

May 1, 2006

What the ERP user requires - a solid SOA!

There has been considerable consolidation in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry over the past few years with many smaller players vanishing and two main players dominating.

Jan 28, 2002

Will e-business energise the ERP arena?

Corporates are re-looking their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with a view to implementing e-business initiatives. But can today`s ERP vendors ensure these initiatives deliver more value than the original installations did?

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