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Today's fraud requires an unconventional approach

In addition to misappropriated money, today there is HR fraud, IP and data theft, and business misconduct, says Graham Reid, skills, development and training manager at Sebata Municipal Solutions.


'Fraud? Not my problem'

Whose problem is workplace fraud, and what can individuals, companies and municipalities do to combat it?


Smart tech, responsible behaviour turn tide on water scarcity

Midvaal Municipality, Savanna City, and Sebata collaborated to pilot 350 prepaid water units at the urban lifestyle development.


The real impact of municipal budget cuts

Soon, smart systems will play a role in managing resources at municipalities, says Carl Stroud, MD of Sebata Municipal Solutions, a MICROmega Group company.


Five ways to combat cyber crime

Is the best defense technology or people, or a combination of strategies?

Mar 1, 2018

Smart cities in Africa

Smart cities abound in Africa, with solutions that are specific to the local environment and its very unique challenges.

Feb 28, 2018

POPIA compliance in local govt

One has to approach compliance slightly differently in local government in order to ensure success, says Gerrit Deyzel, ICT manager for Sebata Municipal Services.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and knowledge management

The operating model of organisations will need to be re-evaluated and adjusted within the foreseeable future, says Dr?Deonie Botha, Head of Strategy, Sebata Municipal Solutions, a subsidiary of MICROmega Holdings.

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