broadband connectivity

SABEN provides broadband connectivity to 50 TVET colleges

Deploying broadband connectivity through the SABEN project is crucial for developing a skilled, capable workforce that will help forge a national knowledge economy.


World Bank in MENA broadband initiative

The bank aims to improve broadband connectivity in the Middle East and North Africa region, by optimising fibre-optic networks.

Nov 21, 2011

Liquid Telecom goes live in Zambia

The network will link the capital, Lusaka, to major towns, providing much-needed connectivity to mobile operators, banks and ISPs.


Finns gain rights to broadband

In today's technology roundup: Finns gain rights to broadband, PCs hit with XP attack, EC reports on roaming charges, and HTML5 loses to Flash.

Sep 16, 2009

Swine flu fuels virtual learning

In this World Wide Wrap: Swine flu fuels virtual learning, Senate to pass computer training law, and India promotes e-learning in rural areas.


What`s up with broadband connectivity?

The recent tinkering with ADSL connectivity models has the industry in an uproar. However, this seemingly devastating manoeuvre is actually a stepping-stone on the inevitable path to 4G.

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