Metro Ethernet Forum
Sep 16, 2015

Strong interest for Carrier Ethernet in SA

With Carrier Ethernet, SA is poised for improvements in the availability and quality of communications, says the MEF.


Carrier Ethernet demand soars in Africa

As cable capacity in African markets expands, Ethernet is becoming the technology of choice for companies, says MEF.


Carrier Ethernet adoption grows in SA

The ubiquity of Ethernet within enterprise networks, and increased network engineering skills drive growth, says Neotel.


Carrier Ethernet 2.0 seminar comes to SA

The MEF invites professionals involved in architecting, provisioning, billing and managing Carrier Ethernet to the event.


Forum intros 'third network'

The Metro Ethernet Forum wants operators to collaborate to create standardised, high-performance networks.

Mar 31, 2014

MEF, CEF launch Open Cloud Project

The project initiated by the industry bodies will provide the basis of future compliance and benchmark testing in the cloud space.

Dec 9, 2013

MEF to host Global Ethernet Networking event

MEF GEN14 will define the future of network-enabled cloud, data and mobile services powered by Carrier Ethernet 2.0, SDN and virtualisation technologies.


Carrier Ethernet on the up in emerging markets

Growing international competition prompts emerging markets to mandate world-class Ethernet services.


CloudEthernet Forum unveiled

The forum will promote more coherent standards for storage on Ethernet networks and better equip Ethernet to suit large-scale cloud services.

May 7, 2013

Reunion to mark 40 years of Ethernet

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ethernet, the networking technology's alumni will be heading back to where it all began.


SA 'ahead of curve' for LTE adoption?

South African operators are moving on next-generation wireless technology, but is the country LTE-ready?


'Third network' offers best of both

Carrier Ethernet leverages the performance of traditional PSTN and the Internet to enable global communications.

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