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Reducing cyber attacks in the retail IOT realm

The traditional security products most companies have come to know and trust will not help manage the risks and consequences of the new connected retail frontier, says Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking.


A guide to evaluating IOT security solutions

The IOT security blindspot means cyber criminals have an expanded attack surface, says Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking.


Ensuring your WiFi network is ready for Android 11 QPR1 security update

The Android 11 QPR1 security update is a minor one, but will have far-reaching consequences on enterprise WiFi networks when implemented during December, says Duxbury Networking.


SASE solution delivers Secure SD-WAN to remote employees

Versa Secure Access is the industry’s first solution to deliver the leading Secure SD-WAN services and private connectivity for employees who are working from home or remotely.

Aug 12, 2020

Agentless passive solution for medical device security

Armis is an agentless, enterprise-class security platform that addresses the threat landscape of unmanaged medical and IOT devices.


Sophisticated path selection capabilities underpin SD-WAN

Leveraging SD-WAN solutions that use dynamic path selection policies to optimise how traffic moves is critical to accelerating digital transformation strategies.


SD-WAN: The wave of disruption

The industry has gone through enterprise SD-WAN waves of infancy and insanity, and is now firmly in the wave of reality.


Connectivity in an age where the application is king

The way enterprises manage and control their most essential applications is changing and approaches to connectivity must adapt to meet this change.


Ten things to know about WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is a WiFi paradigm shift, pushing the envelope with regard to WiFi speeds and introducing numerous performance improvements.


Top five business trends driving network transformation

Traditional networks were designed for client-server access to centralised information by a set of stationary, IT-controlled endpoints, but today’s business doesn’t operate that way.


Making the most of multi-user MIMO

MU-MIMO requires sizable physical distance between the clients, as well as the access point, for spatial diversity, which may limit its usefulness.


WiFi 6 enhancements explained: TWT and 1024-QAM

Digging into two further WiFi 6 enhancements – target wake time and 1024 quadrature amplitude modulation.

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