Open source software

Embracing the 'open' solution

An open solution must bring interoperability to the foreground, says Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems.


Open source vendors not too small

Open source players don't adopt the working in a 'child-safe sandbox' scenario provided by many vendors, says Johann Evans, CTO of Cherry Olive.


A capitalist fan of commie software

Why would an avowed free-market capitalist, as I am, be such a fan of free and open source software? Simple, really.


Advantages of open source software

Linux software generally costs less to acquire than its proprietary counterpart, says Yossi Hasson, CEO of Synaq.


OSS enables risk mitigation

A correctly implemented software solution should lessen the risk associated with specific business processes.


SITA quaffs the magic potion

Watching Microsoft squirm at GovTech, SITA's annual conference, makes visiting the outpost of Durban well worth the journey.


An open and shut case?

Will the open source revolution swallow the software market? ITWeb held a round table discussion on the issue with open- and closed-source supporters.


The rise and rise of open source

Thanks to the backing of major corporations and the dedication of open source protagonists, the future for open source software is rosy, says Inus Gouws, senior information management consultant at Computer Associates Africa.

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