Data warehousing
Mar 29, 2017

Understanding data warehousing

A data warehouse allows investigation of corporate data from several perspectives, uncovering key insights that drive corporate decisions, says Jay Shah, associate VP at Nihilent Technologies.

May 19, 2010

Data warehouse redux

The data warehouse is alive after all these years, but unconscious of its central role as the repository of core business information.

Nov 23, 2009

Invest in data warehousing

Pertinent knowledge is found through analysing information in a company's data warehouse, says Martin Rennhackkamp, COO of PBT.

Oct 12, 2009

Data warehousing is dead?

This statement is often bandied about, but is totally untrue.

Nov 30, 2004

Mobile data can improve warehousing

Advanced mobile data solutions can increase the operational performance of warehouse systems, says Mark Lilje, MD of RangeGate.

Aug 13, 2004

Evolution of data warehousing

Data warehouses have entered the love/hate relationship phase of technology evolution, says Willie Bezuidenhout, business technologist at Computer Associates Africa.

Jan 16, 2004

Examining data warehousing issues

Mark Lilje, MD of RangeGate, discusses the difference between data warehouse optimisation and management.

Sep 11, 2003

Examining data warehousing

Willie Bezuidenhout, business technologist at Computer Associates Africa, takes a closer look at data warehousing.

Aug 13, 2003

Realistic data warehouse management

Willie Bezuidenhout, business technologist at Computer Associates Africa, examines data warehousing as a data management enabler.

Jan 22, 2003

Time to revitalise data warehouses

Companies need to revitalise their data warehouses in order to achieve improved performance, says Martin Rennhackkamp, data warehousing specialist of SAS partner Prescient Business Technologies.


Preserving the value of databases

Alan Raubenheimer, CEO of Embarcadero Africa, examines some of the ways the value of corporate databases can be preserved.


Making analytical sense of data warehousing

Data warehousing does not have a good reputation as too many companies have been burnt by badly planned installations. However, a new wave of business value-directed implementations may reverse this trend and restore faith in the data warehouse.

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