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Cambium excels in Tolly Benchmark Test

The Tolly Group test report shows Cambium’s WiFi 6 access points excelled in terms of performance and a five-year total cost of ownership.


Adaptable network enables accuracy in heavy construction operations

Rajant Kinetic Mesh gives heavy construction job sites a network alternative that is easily deployable and rapidly scalable to expand base station range in any direction.


Ruggedised networks provide autonomy in precision farming

A protocol that gives autonomous adaptability – enabling the network to react in real-time to changes in network topology, load and environmental conditions – is desirable.


Growing beyond agricultural network complications

Networking obstacles can often keep farms from adopting automation, or relegate them to a low level of automation without the ability to scale their operations.


The road to precision farming

Step-by-step levels of automation serve as a roadmap to the applications, functionality and agricultural benefits of introducing precision farming techniques.


Powering the future of precision farming

The ultimate vision for precision farming is a solution that uses connected technology to simultaneously address all of a farmer’s pain points.


802.11ax: The benefits keep adding up

In essence, 802.11ax focuses on metrics that will improve the client experience and increase cell throughput.


802.11ax: Efficient use of RF spectrum to increase network capacity

Whereas 802.11ac made the network faster, 802.11ax is designed for higher channel efficiency in a dense networking environment.


How 802.11ax is addressing WiFi networks’ changing needs

Client and standards ecosystem support for 802.11ax is expected this year, and network architects will design the 2020s decade using this new technology.

Aug 17, 2020

Cambium WiFi 6 products improve WiFi speeds

Cambium’s software-defined and multi-radio architecture helps companies improve coverage and support more concurrent users and devices than before.


Duxbury Networking adds RF Elements tech to its portfolio

The product offerings reinforce Duxbury Networking’s mission to deliver scalable wireless networks that mitigate interference without sacrificing performance.

Mar 5, 2020

Making network management easy with Cambium

cnMatrix automates many of the interactions with connected wireless devices. [Local rep: Duxbury Networking]

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