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How does digital migration impact the ERP?

Enterprise resource planning remains the brains of the business, but it needs intelligence for a new age, says Bernard Ford, CEO of One Channel.


ERP doesn't fail projects, projects fail ERP

ERP projects have a bad reputation, says Keith Fenner, Senior Vice-President Sales, Sage ERP X3 AAMEA.


ERP solution options for Africa

When local companies expand into Africa, the first real tests of their ERP solutions start to take place, says Taryn Cromie, HansaWorld sales and channel manager, sub-Saharan Africa.


Signs your business is ready for ERP

When a business reaches a certain point of complexity, sure signs will emerge that things can be done better with an integrated, modular system, says Taryn Cromie, sales manager, HansaWorld SA.


Professional ERP for SMEs

Choosing the right technology from the start is important, as it provides for a simple growth path that matches the company's trajectory, says Taryn Cromie, sales manager at HansaWorld SA.


Your first ERP project could be your last

Enterprise resource planning should be able to scale up or down as business needs change, says Taryn Cromie, sales manager at HansaWorld SA.


Platform freedom of choice for ERP

Companies that have the organisational maturity and systems flexibility to enable workers to use the devices they prefer, and to work in the way they choose, have competitive advantage, says Taryn Cromie, sales and channel manager at HansaWorld SA.


Still strong at the core

ERP isn't going away any time soon, but the way companies are deploying it and enhancing it is changing rapidly.


Transitioning from accounting software to ERP

Growing companies are restricted by technology that was employed at the inception of the business, says Gavin Halse, director of Adapt IT.


Obsolescence and the ERP system

The major shift under way today is the emergence of cloud computing as a viable means of software delivery, says Ronald Laxton, MD of Computer Initiatives.


ERP needs optimisation to deliver

More than 60% of ERP implementations fail to meet expectations, says Keith Fenner, VP of sales at Softline Accpac.


Keep it snappy

Making decisions on the move, based on ERP information, is gaining momentum.

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