Viewpoint : #yourbotsaidwot

In a world where human speaks to machine and vice versa, we are forced to relearn our cultural familiarities, says Pommie Lutchman, CEO at Ocular.

What does robotics mean for employees?

As mundane tasks are taken over by robots, employees can be relieved to undertake 'uniquely human' tasks, says EOH.

Neuromation, TRA partner on affordable robots

Apr 4, 2018

These intelligent machines are able to take over daily household chores and manage complex tasks in a variety of industries.

Pushing automation to the tipping point

Feb 22, 2018

Could a robot save you from losing your business? Or even your mind?

Program or be programmed

Teaching robotics to South Africa's learners.

From Clippy to Cortana: The human face of AI

Jan 23, 2018

While it's unclear if we are heading to a robot uprising or an artificial intelligence uplifting, we need to start thinking purpose-driven AI.

Future tech on display at GITEX

Oct 11, 2017

Responsive robots, concept cars, flying taxies and blockchain use cases wowed visitors to the World Trade Centre in Dubai this week.

GE provides school robotics training

Aug 28, 2017

General Electric, in partnership with Digicate, will offer robotics education to 600 school children across South Africa.

Robots move beyond gears, joints, links

Jun 20, 2017

Softer, lighter and less reliant on external power, future robots could interact more safely and predictably with humans and go where humans can't.

Mid-sized Japanese firms plan to buy robots

May 15, 2017

Desperate to overcome Japan's growing shortage of labour, mid-sized companies plan to automate a wide range of tasks.

Japan automakers consider robots to help elderly

Apr 13, 2017

Automakers look beyond self-driving cars and turn their attention to robots to help keep Japan's rapidly greying society on the move.

European parliament rejects robot tax

Feb 17, 2017

Lawmakers reject a proposal to impose a robot tax to fund support for or retraining of workers put out of a job by robots.