Consumer Protection Act
Sep 29, 2016

Telcos defend data expiry

Operators say they are following the law in terms of the expiry of data bundles, after ICASA announced plans to look into the practice.


Mobile operators snub ombudsman

The Consumer Goods and Services Ombuds alleges Vodacom, Telkom and Cell C have declined to work with the organisation.

Sep 21, 2015

Illegal opt-out charges refunded

Nearly 2?000 Vodacom, MTN and Cell C customers have been refunded R3 after they were illegally charged for an opt-out SMS.


NCC probes 'unfair' mobile cost hikes

The National Consumer Commission launches an investigation into consumer complaints of "unfair" cost hikes from mobile operators.

May 29, 2015

Apple Watch: bragging rights versus risk

E-commerce platforms are unofficially offering the Apple Watch to South African consumers, but analysts warn purchasing one could be risky.


How to deal with compliance challenges

Before opting for a?call recording solution - regardless of whether it is on-site or cloud-based - SMEs must ensure it is fully compliant, says Matthew Balcomb, CEO of Call Cabinet Southern Africa.


Prepaid airtime: use it, or lose it

About 55?million South Africans cannot carry over prepaid airtime, because of an artificial interpretation of the law by mobile operators.


Fight fake goods sold online

Although many consumers are still duped into buying counterfeit goods online, they do have legal protection.


No uniform opt-out solution

A national do-not-contact registry has yet to be established, and there is no industry-wide solution to SMS spam.


National Census can be good for business

There's gold in SA's census results, but unearthing the value requires a strong mix of technological ability and strategic thinking, says Kevin Greig, sales manager at SS Telecoms.


Ensure compliance through effective assessment

Tools like Questionmark Perception enable companies to gain company-wide views of compliance-related initiatives, activities and status, says Bytes People Solutions.


Prepaid data showdown looms

Millions of subscribers are losing data they have paid for as the operators stick to current data expiry periods.

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