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Partnerships the answer to holistic service delivery

In a digitally transforming world, partnerships are crucial to deliver the kind of full value services customers expect.


How IOT is redefining the landscape

IOT technology is in use across sectors as diverse as industry, farming, healthcare and wildlife management, says Schneider Electric.


Edge computing grows in remote areas

Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure architecture and prefabricated modules allow for the fast and modular build-out of a regional data centre.

Jun 11, 2019

Demystifying cloud cyber security

Cloud-hosted cyber security solutions offer protection on the edge, says George Senzere, pre-sales manager at ITD Global, Schneider Electric SA.


Is it worth retrofitting data centres?

At some point, all data centres need an upgrade. But it makes sense to start with the foundation: the power and cooling that keep the data centre going.


Closing the energy gap

Smart solutions, training and partnerships are key to meeting the energy challenge head-on, says George Senzere, solutions engineering manager at Schneider Electric.


Leveraging the intelligent edge

It's the big new buzzword in IoT, but how mature is the `intelligent edge'? Brainstorm convened a special roundtable to find out.


Private data centres take their place in the cloud

Not everyone is abandoning their data centres for the cloud. Some leading sectors, such as financial firms and manufacturers, are keeping their feet in both worlds.


New generation of data centre management

Distributed data centres are becoming more critical to support day-to-day operations for many companies, says George Senzere, solutions engineering manager at Schneider Electric.


Strategic possibilities of edge computing

Digital twin technology is a hint of where digital technologies, combined with IOT, can take us, says George Senzere, solutions engineering manager at Schneider Electric.

Aug 16, 2018

The rise of edge computing

The essence of edge is to move some of the storage and compute to a different site closer to where the data is being generated, says George Senzere, Solutions Engineering Manager at Schneider Electric.


Flip the switch on data centre power

The power distribution architecture behind many data centres has not changed in decades, keeping away many new gains and advantages.

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