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How to protect data against disaster in the cloud

The customer, and not the service provider, is primarily responsible for protecting their data in the cloud, and CIOs should not assume cloud providers are secure.


Keeping critical infrastructure safe has never been more important

Ransomware continues to be a growing threat and risks becoming yet another "cost of doing business" that companies build into their strategies.


Leading from the top to thwart cyber attacks

Unpacking the steps necessary for C-Suite execs to take if they are to steer their organisations away from potentially crippling cyber attacks.


The role of the C-Suite in security and risk management

Chief information officers and chief information security officers are deemed security and risk leaders in 2021 corporations, but they face critical challenges.


Beware: Cold calling contact centres offer extortion as a service

The use of outsourced call centres to extort money via ransomware is a sinister ramping up of cyber crime activities − the latest refinement, so to speak, of a nasty trade.


Arcserve Southern Africa announces affordable Microsoft Office 365 Protection

Arcserve pushes beyond backup-as-usual as it develops enterprise backup solutions that build a fortress around infrastructure and data, the company says.

Nov 12, 2020

Arcserve’s predictions for 2021

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial control systems are increasing and will become one of the biggest threats to society in the next year.

Oct 30, 2020

Customer retention in the face of ransomware attacks

As ransomware attacks increase, complacency about consumer reaction to the theft of data would be an utterly foolhardy approach for business owners.


Arcserve UDP for Office 365

Third-party protection is essential for companies deploying Office 365, says Byron Horn-Botha, lead: Channel and Partnerships at Arcserve Southern Africa.


Arcserve UDP solution protects Office 365 users

The solution, now available in SA, provides a complete set of data protection capabilities available for Office 365.

Jul 28, 2020

Arcserve simplifies cloud migration

Cloud migration offers many benefits, ranging from greater elasticity and redundancy, to cost efficiencies and improved IT productivity, says Arcserve Southern Africa.

Jun 10, 2020

Arcserve reveals link between ransomware, purchasing behaviour

The report indicates that consumers are likely to avoid conducting business with an organisation that has experienced a cyber attack.

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