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Electoral commission readies tech for voter registration day

The Independent Electoral Commission acquires 40 000 new voter management devices, to facilitate instantaneous voter registration and verification.


Broke ANC resorts to crowdfunding to raise cash

The political party launches a crowdfunding campaign, to raise funds in a way that it says is responsive to Political Party Funding Act requirements.


IEC turns to online channel to boost voter registration

The Independent Electoral Commission rolls out an online voter registration portal, as it gears up for the upcoming local government elections.


IEC outlines tech innovation in run-up to elections

The Independent Electoral Commission tells Parliament that new tech devices and systems are being prepared ahead of this year’s local government elections.


IEC in search of new voter registration devices

The Independent Electoral Commission to replace Zip-Zip scanners, as it bids farewell to the ageing registration devices.


What South Africans searched for online on election day

South Africans turned to Google for voting information, while photo-sharing apps like Instagram were used to showcase their marks in the sixth democratic election.


Digital channels to deliver speedy election results

Channels such as the Independent Electoral Commission's Web site and social media will allow voters to stay abreast of all things election, including real-time results.


SA political parties square up on social media

South African political parties have been hard at work using social media as a tool to reach voters, hoping these online efforts will translate into votes.


IEC to fight fake news on social media

The Independent Electoral Commission launches an online reporting platform for citizens to report instances of alleged digital misinformation on social media.

Mar 4, 2019

How IEC has leveraged tech ahead of elections

The Independent Electoral Commission moves with the times, introducing a system to allow political parties to submit their candidate lists online.


IEC goes online to capture voter addresses

The Electoral Commission turns to tech to improve efficiency of capturing voters' addresses, despite the limitations of an online-driven system.

Jul 27, 2016

Pokémon Go banned at SA voting stations

The Independent Electoral Commission says Pok mon Go will not be allowed at voting stations on 3 August.

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