Data visualisation

Telling a good data story through visualisation

While the visual element is key, the core strategic component of data visualisation is the ability to unlock the story in the data.


An in-depth look into advanced visualisation

By using the right visualisation, companies might even discover things they never knew about within their business, says Frans Vermaak, MD of Praesignis.


A visualisation love story

Unlocking the story in data through visualisation is as rewarding as the joy of immersing in the beauty of the written word.


Seeing is believing

Data visualisation helps business leaders predict what will happen next.


The 'how to' of data visualisation

Successful data visualisation is said to be a core skill of the new breed of data scientist.


Data visualisation for personal change

Visualised information is more likely to lead to action, says Frank Reinelt, senior director for Northern Europe and Emerging Markets at Mindjet.


Geographic information systems play key role in BI

Geographic information systems have an important role to play in the business intelligence (BI) and business performance management markets going forward, says Keith Jones, MD of Harvey Jones Systems.

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