Axiz – registration sponsor for Micro Focus Realize 2020

The ICT distributor has come on board as registration sponsor of Micro Focus Realize 2020, to be held on 27 August at The Focus Rooms.

26 Mar

Meeting the demands of the B2B market

Once overwhelmingly based on volume and long-term projects, the B2B market has recognised the rising prominence of services and customer-centricity, says Rory Twort, Managing Executive of Sales at Axiz.

25 Mar

Securing everything – even the cloud

Customers must ensure they have the same security controls moving to the cloud as they have on-premises, says Rudi van Rooyen, security engineer at Axiz.


Solar is losing its newcomer status

The local solar market has matured and stabilised over the past decade, says Axiz.

20 Mar

Hardware-only is dead (but long live hardware)

Today's hardware lets customers use their choices better as it's a more project-driven space, and hardware solutions are often looked at during complex problem-solving, says Bridgette Kemp, Business Unit Manager at Axiz.


Securing everything – even the cloud

If you want to secure everything, create a single view that encompasses them all, and integrate your systems so security follows your assets.


Building the future with hyper-converged platforms

Hyper-converged infrastructure takes the pain out of creating cloud-ready infrastructure; now hyper-converged platforms are commoditising that power to the broader market, says Neil Jackson, Software Business Unit Manager: Advanced Technologies at Axiz.

Mar 5, 2020

Securing the edge in the IOT, cloud world

Edge computing will be the power behind the next industrial revolution, altering the way manufacturing and services are carried out, says Tsholofelo Montshioa, business development manager for Supermicro at Axiz.


Alviva: Distribution weighs on group results

Recessionary market conditions, declining hardware sales and coronavirus spell tough times ahead for the local channel.


Beyond flickering lights – what is composable infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure enables the consumer to reconfigure workload resources, through a software-defined intelligence, to whatever resources they require at the time.

Feb 14, 2020

Stop digital failures with complexity absorption and VSM

The Viable System Model lets you define the structures in your environments and see how different parts can work together in different ways.

Feb 6, 2020

Nutanix appoints Axiz as distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa

Axiz will leverage its extensive reseller network to deliver Nutanix solutions to customers across the African continent.

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