Small businesses continue to be targeted by cyber criminals

Dec 7, 2017

SMEs are in danger of complacency with regards to cyber security, believing they are of no interest to cyber criminals, but this is not the case, says Trend Micro.

Ransomware seen as the greatest threat to businesses

Dec 1, 2017

E-mail and Web use are the most common ransomware infection vectors, the report says.

Africa's top ransomware families revealed

Nov 23, 2017

The Ceber ransomware accounted for 80% of attacks on the continent, followed by the likes of WannaCry, Jaff, Locky and Petya.

The air gap and ransomware conundrum

Cloud infrastructure holds the key to beating ransomware.

Cyber Kill Chain stops ransomware, post-breach threats

Nov 15, 2017

Threat intelligence information is provided from multiple detection engines and mapped against the Cyber Kill Chain stages, says Bitrate.

Tough economic times drive enterprise risks

Risk management should be embedded in the business processes throughout the organisational hierarchy of accountability and progress of all action plans, says Cura.

BadRabbit ransomware attackers pull back

Oct 26, 2017

The latest ransomware strain wreaked havoc across the globe before the infections stopped.

New cyber attacks hits Russia, other nations

Oct 25, 2017

Malware called "BadRabbit" hits Russia and other nations, affecting the Russian Interfax news agency and causing flight delays.

The vital security you don't own

Sep 6, 2017

Nobody in today's cyber insecure world can afford to be without some form of risk management solution and preferably one that provides real-time alerts, says ITR Technology.

Cyber insurance demand grows

Aug 21, 2017

With a major cyber attack predicted to cost the world economy $121.4?billion, cyber insurance is becoming a necessity.

Synchronised security

Aug 15, 2017

Too many security technologies can prove counter-productive.

Webinar on dealing with new generation threats

Aug 8, 2017

Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security, during a one hour Webinar on 23 August, will address how you can better understand and block advanced cyber threats.