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Arch Retail Systems is now multi-currency fiscal compliant in Zimbabwe

The regulation compels sellers of various goods and services to display, quote and offer prices in both Zimbabwean dollar and foreign currency at the ruling exchange rate.


Arch automates the full procure-to-payment process

The modern trend is to automate and integrate the full procure-to-payment process, seamlessly connecting procurement and invoicing operations, says Spinnaker Software, supplier of Arch Retail Systems.

Feb 27, 2020

Arch Accounting: a game-changer

Developed specifically for the requirements of retailers, this accounting system saves them from having to incur upfront costs to purchase licences, allowing for a monthly fee instead.


Arch Retail congratulates OK Foods award winners

Arch Retail and Spinnaker Software attended OK Foods' annual performers' conference in Lisbon.


Arch Retail enters Middle East market

Spinnaker Software, which develops and implements the Arch solution, recently announced the first store in the UAE going live on Arch.

Nov 7, 2017

Arch Retail attends OK Foods Conference in St Petersburg

Spinnaker Software, preferred POS supplier to OK with Arch Retail Systems, was?invited to attend the event in which the 2017 winners were announced.

Jul 18, 2017

Arch Retail joins forces with Ultra Liquors

Spinnaker Software concluded a deal with Ultra Liquors to convert all its stores nationally to?Arch Retail Systems.


Software enhancements to address shrinkage in butcheries

Spinnaker Software's Arch Retail System helps prevent shrinkage due to under-scaling, margin control and inaccurate sales information.

Jan 18, 2017

Arch Retail-SAP integration at Cambridge Food

Spinnaker Software has implemented its Arch Enterprise?system as an enterprise service bus?for the integration with SAP.


Addressing risks of cyber fraud to merchants

Merchants who facilitate card payments by means of integrated EFT solutions are especially at risk, says Spinnaker Software.


Arch presence in the DRC

Spinnaker has concluded a partnership with AES in the DRC, which bring a local presence and solid first line support to table for Arch stores.

Oct 12, 2015

OK Foods holds annual conference

Spinnaker Software, supplier of Arch Retail Systems, the OK retail management software of choice, attended the event in Holland.

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