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Lack of communication hampers DevOps

While organisations are implementing a DevOps structure, security is of huge concern to them and must be incorporated during this transition.


Trend Micro debuts new channel programme

The new programme was designed to grow and develop partners in Sub-Saharan Africa, says Trend Micro.

Apr 23, 2019

Rogue, stealth, shadow: The antiheroes of IT

The names that define the illicit hardware and software introduced into the organisation are uncannily accurate, but can be turned into a business benefit.


Trend Micro ups security for Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Gmail

The cyber security solutions vendor releases enhancements to its Deep Security and Cloud App Security products.

Jan 22, 2019

Cyber criminals develop motion-based evasion tactics

If the malware cannot detect motion, it assumes it is in a sandbox environment, and the code will not run, says Trend Micro.

Dec 18, 2018

Twitter tumbles on concerns about hacking activity

Twitter shares fell almost 7% after the company said it was investigating unusual traffic that might be from state-sponsored hackers.

Nov 21, 2018

Companies oblivious to IOT threats

According to Trend Micro research, only 14% of respondents say they have complete organisational awareness of Internet of things threats.


Outsmarting e-mail hackers using AI, machine learning

Trend Micro's machine learning algorithms examine large volumes of data and predict if unknown file types are malicious or not.

Aug 27, 2018

Go phish

Mobile phishing attacks are gaining ground as mobile phone users are distracted and more likely to click on malicious SMSes, says Indi Siriniwasa, VP of Trend Micro, sub-Saharan Africa.


Trend Micro unveils Virtual Network Function Suite

The virtualised set of network functions sits on the carrier network, applying URL filtering, application control, intrusion prevention and IOT reputation.


Princess Evolution looking for affiliates

Based on an advertisement in underground forums, it seems operators are peddling Princess Evolution as a ransomware as a service, says Trend Micro.


Fighting the skills gap via research, events

At Black Hat this year, Trend Micro will present some new initiatives it hopes will have an impact in fighting the skills gap, says Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend Micro.

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