Telecoms policy
Feb 20, 2018

Telecoms policy becomes a tennis match

The Internet Service Providers' Association sees SA's telecoms regulation as endless sets of policy implementation decisions and failures.


Only 100Mbps? Oh, the humanity!

Despite all the “managed liberalisation”, South Africa's bandwidth isn't catching up.

Oct 14, 2011

Indian telecoms policy boosts convergence

The policy aims to converge mobile telephony, multimedia and broadcast services to customers in the region.

Jun 15, 2007

Telecoms policy 'a mistake'

A gigantic leap forward is now needed, says public enterprises minister Alec Erwin.

Jun 15, 2007

A battered dog called Telkom

Everyone is beating on Telkom these days, and Vodacom is winding up to kick it where it hurts.

May 22, 2003

Cape ready to fight for telecoms policy changes

The Cape Telecommunications Users` Forum (CTUF) is preparing to battle for a more equitable telecommunications policy, when it comes under discussion in July. CTUF says smaller telecommunications users need their voices heard.


Telecoms policy the DA way

The Democratic Alliance`s policy document on telecommunications seems to reflect business` views and goes some way to addressing the sector`s problems, but may be too lightweight to spur government and inspire business.


Broadband areas will be urban

The Department of Communications says new broadband service licences will include the rights for ISPs to build their own infrastructure in any way they see fit, but that the geographic areas in which they may do so will be small.


DA claims `so-called` telecoms policy directions create uncertainty

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is harshly critical of the Ministry of Communications` policy directions on telecommunications, published a month ago, and has called for the creation of a single, new Communications Act to replace the fragmentary legislation that exists.


Telecoms policy 'an embarrassment we can ill afford`

The Department of Communications might find the road from telecommunications policy directions to law rockier than expected, if opposition members of the parliamentary portfolio committee on telecommunications have anything to do with it.

Mar 15, 2001

Cabinet approves telecoms duopoly

Communications minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri has gained cabinet approval to introduce a single competitor to Telkom at the end of its exclusivity, but Telkom`s wished-for facilities competition will be put on ice for three years.

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