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Fixing municipal service delivery with Solution House’s Incident Desk

Solution House Software's My Incident Desk comes pre-configured with over 2 000 service categories from which city management can pick to manage in a specific precinct or area.

Oct 11, 2021

Solution House’s Incident Desk – from smart cities to smart country

My Incident Desk is an integrated service request, routing and management platform adopted by cities across SA.


Solution House expands its no-code service-management builder

Delivered using a no-code rapid application builder based on the Incident Desk framework, the new service allows customers to build their own service management solutions and smartphone apps.


Solution House adds mobile team tracking, dispatch to live incident management platform

Solution House Software extends Incident Desk with integrated facial recognition for quick and easy identification of workers, patients and persons of interest.


Solution House Software expands Smart Cities offering with facial recognition

The focus in Smart Cities is the provision of urban management, public safety and social services in cities, councils, districts, commercial and residential estates.

Jul 15, 2020

Making smart cities kinder with social services solutions

Incident Desk assists smart cities, urban areas and improvement districts in becoming more efficient by centralising information in real-time and improving visibility.


New app helps tackle tree threats in SA

The app allows users to report tree threats posed by invasive pests and infections, and enables service providers to respond in real-time.


Solution House uses AI to predict crime

The software company will use artificial intelligence in its urban management system to predict and map crimes before they happen.


Solution House, DTH eye post-Brexit UK market

The Cape Town-based software developer partners with IT holding company DTH, looking to expand in the UK.


Solution House introduces app builder service

The company has unveiled a rapid app builder to help companies using Incident Desk customise their smartphone apps.


Solution House introduces app builder service

The new service allows Incident Desk customers to configure and brand their smartphone apps without developing their own bespoke applications.


Software helps report incidents in CT's CIDs

The majority of Cape Town's major CIDs are now managed by Securitas using incident management software from Solution House.

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