ransomware as a service

Princess Evolution looking for affiliates

Based on an advertisement in underground forums, it seems operators are peddling Princess Evolution as a ransomware as a service, says Trend Micro.



Black Friday had specials on malware for beginners. You can't make this stuff up!

Jun 29, 2017

Ransomware: Are you the problem?

Businesses may only have themselves to blame if they're struck by ransomware.


Panda Adaptive Defense against WannaCry

Panda Adaptive Defense has the ability to protect endpoints from advanced attacks such as WannaCry, says Panda Security.


The rise of the cyber economy: PandaLabs Q1 2017 report

The Report by Panda Security's malware resource facility identifies prominent tactics, attack methods and shifts in the industry.


Cybercrime Soars in Q3: PandaLabs report

Over the quarter, Panda Security captured 18 million new malware samples, more than 200?000 samples daily.

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