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Hitachi Vantara a sponsor of ITWeb Data Centre Summit

Hitachi Vantara has come on board a bronze sponsor for the ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2018, to be held on 10 and 11 July, at The Forum in Bryanston.


Fast, stable and very scalable flash

Darrin Murray of Dell EMC talks to ITWeb Events about why you should believe the performance hype about Flash storage technology.


The way forward with Cloud 2.0

ITWeb Events spoke to Kelly Murphy, HyperGrid, about her thoughts regarding the benefits of Cloud 2.0, and the implications for companies planning to move to this new technology.


SDDC and the modern data centre

Eaton Kohl, Dell EMC, shows how software-defined systems are rapidly replacing older methodologies with the result being companies are able to do even more with less, at higher speeds and with greater results. Kohl takes a close look at how organisations can modernise their data centre, what a software-defined ecosystem look like, and what business benefits to outlook for at the ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2017.


Cloud architecture and the digital maturity of an organisation

Greg McDonald, Dell EMC, says while cloud architecture may be a big leap forward for many organisations, the pressure to transform is so great that their technology has to move with the times or they will be left behind.


Adaptability, flexibility, scalability crucial for a data centre

Ross Peringuey, Delta Energy Systems, provides insight into how data centre solutions adapt to the challenges of the big data and cloud era.


Are you prepared for POPI Act, EU GDPR?

Cleo Becker takes us on a journey through the legislative quagmire of the Protection of Personal Information Act and the incoming €EU General Data Protection Regulations and discusses how these affect your data centre.


Cloud is a journey, not a destination

Paul Ruinaard, regional sales manager Sub-Saharan Africa, Nutanix talks to ITWeb Events about how cloud is infiltrating the data centre industry at a rapid pace, and why this is the case.


Part two: how does moving a data centre to the cloud affect your workforce?

We spoke to AJ Hartenberg, who is most well-known for his role in the data centre sector at T-Systems.


Part one: Is investing in a data centre is a good idea?

We spoke to AJ Hartenberg who is most well-known for his role in the data centre sector at T-Systems and who, more recently, became the owner of his own business, Yada Consulting Group Services.


Should you invest in data centre infrastructure?

We spoke to Dan Crowe of ShapeBlue South Africa about his presentation at the upcoming ITWeb Data Centre Confex 2017.


SDDC and DCIM and how they fit

We spoke to Ken Buchinger, Standard Bank, about the implications of software-defined data centres for data centre management, and the role of data centre infrastructure management.

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