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Questions to ask potential print management companies

To find exactly the right MPS solution provider for your business, there are eight crucial questions you need to ask, says Allison Zimmer, Channel and SMB Marketing Specialist, Commercial Excellence at Xerox.


MPS evolves to unlock business value

Managed print services has evolved from output consolidation to automated fleet management and workflow enhancements, says Mark Kelly, sales director Enterprise at Lexmark EMEA. ?


Improving efficiencies at the business core

The first foundational stage of MPS focuses on getting the fundamentals in place to meet office printing needs, says says Mark Hiller, Country GM at Lexmark SA.


How to transform your print business

Managed print services is a proven approach for reducing costs and improving productivity, says Craig Green, OPB Channel manager at Bytes Document Solutions.


Achieving managed print success

Managed print services need the support of a visionary and supportive vendor, says Craig Green, OPB channel manager at Bytes Document Solutions.


Why managed print services?

Managed print services help companies gain visibility and control of their printing, helping to save money and boost productivity, says Warren Mande, sales director at Bytes Document Solutions.


The changing landscape of MPS

A modern MPS project sees experienced vendors and customers work together to deal with the issues of process improvements and document workflow, says Mark Hiller, country GM, Lexmark SA.


MPS drives cost savings

Managed print services enable companies to slash costs, boost productivity and reduce their carbon footprints, says Kevin Johnstone, business development officer at Itec.


Importance of change management in MPS

The average employee doesn't see printing as a particularly costly activity, says Mark Hiller, country GM of Lexmark SA.


Effective management is key

SMEs must have a comprehensive contract with their service provider and a sustainable managed print service strategy in place.


Managed print services drive value

MPS helps companies better manage the way documents are printed, shared and updated, says Keith Knott, director of software and solutions in the Xerox division at Bytes Document Solutions.


Companies opt for managed services

Managed print services offer a low-risk way to save costs, says Nick Constantinou, business development manager at Itec Distribution.

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